What Is A Good Recruting Banner Slogan for Computer Division?

My company, Meridian Environmental Technology, is going to be attending a few career fairs and we’re developing stand-up banners to provide a visual “booth.” This banner will be 6.5 feet tall, contain information regarding the positions within the computer/IT division (all of them, not only the ones we’re currently seeking), and there will be handouts for the sought positions available from the guys working the booth.

I’ve decided to avoid using a “people” picture on the banner, and instead am looking at using a pair of hands holding multi-colored jelly beans. I’ve come up with a few ideas for a tagline, but I’m also looking for other suggestions.

Idea 1: “It takes all kinds to make a great group”
Idea 2: “We handpick the best”
Idea 3: “Join a great handpicked group”
Idea 4: De-saturate all the jelly beans but one, and have “Stand out from the rest”


Jay’s Answer: I’d advise against jelly beans, since it doesn’t reinforce your business of weather forecasting and analysis. Instead, highlight your technology: weather maps, pictures of extreme weather, pictures of your clients farms, etc. Technology is more likely to appeal to your prospects than abstract jellybeans.

As for a taglines:

  • Do Something About the Weather.
  • We’re All-Weather Friends
  • We Forecast A Great Working Relationship
  • Our Talent Is All Over the Map

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