What Is A Good Name for A Maternity/Baby Retail Store?

I need help naming a Maternity and Baby store. We will have a 730 sq ft store in a popular shopping destination. There is another baby store there, so we have had to change our concept a little so we don’t take away their business. Here are the things we are “allowed” to sell: Maternity Clothes, anything for pregnant moms, baby gear (like pacifiers, teethers, carriers, strollers, etc.), baby gifts (like personalized sippy cups) and baby furniture. We are not allowed to sell any clothing, shoes, socks, etc.

We currently have a website that we have been operating for a year now. It is called Mommy’s Luxuries or www.mommysluxuries.com. Peddler’s Village didn’t like our name, so we need to find another one. Right now I really like Waddlers and Toddlers or Waddlers 2 Toddlers. We are going to limit the things we sell to be from maternity to about 2 years old.


Jay’s Answer: I strongly suggest that the word “baby and/or maternity” (or a synonym) be in the title to make it obvious what you’re selling. For example, “Waddlers And/To Toddlers” sounds like 1-2 year old things (including clothing).

  • Maternity Home
  • Glow Into The World
  • So, You’re Having A Baby!
  • Enchanted Inner Garden
  • 9 Months And Beyond

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