What Is A Good Name For A 24/7 Childcare Center?

We are planning to have a educational but fun childcare center.The ages of the children will be from infants to 5 years old. We are planning to open 24 hours a day,seven days a week.We are planning to have an area where the mothers that are still breast feeding can go and have privacy,There will be a nurse on call for the children/staff in case of an emergency or sickness. We will have the best trained employees on site with educational and professional skills, but most of all love for children and their needs and learning abilities.

I need a name that would draw attention to the parents and the child wants to come inside and stay.I need the name to reflect my business on the inside as well as the outside.I also need a tagline. I need a name that would stand out in their heads. Thanks.

Here are some names I came up with:

  • Kids Cove
  • Kids Paradise
  • Sugar & Spice


Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • 24/7 Childcare Center
  • Childcare Around The Clock
  • Childcare When You Need It
  • Grandma Thelma’s Childcare Center
  • Childcare Away From Home
  • Child Day And Night Care
  • The Child Hotel
  • Child Cloud (a soft place to care for children)
  • Kids Kare
  • Care 4 Kids
  • Open Arms Childcare

Each of these names focus on different benefits. Unless you have a large budget for marketing, it’s generally best to keep the name “obvious” rather than obscure. Also, some of these names can be used as taglines. For example:

  • The Child Hotel: Childcare Around The Clock

As for your names:

  • Kids Paradise and Cove connote an older kids group.
  • Sugar & Spice sounds little like a bakery’s name, and might be confusing.

Pick a name you like, but more importantly, pick a name that your prospective clients’ like. Find people you know (and don’t) and ask them for what resonates (and why). Your name needs to “work” for your area.

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