Business With Passion: Neal Gottlieb


Neal Gottlieb, started Three Twins Ice Cream in 2005 with $75,000 in lieu of returning to business school. The company started with one small shop in a tucked away San Rafael, California shopping center that Neal manned himself, without the luxury of any employees for the first few months. The company has grown rapidly from its humble beginning and now includes 2 stores, a farmers’ market business, bulk ice cream for restaurants and cafes and packaged ice cream for supermarkets. Three Twins will soon open a dedicated organic ice cream factory in downtown Petaluma that will allow the company to produce exponentially more ice cream and gave Neal a good excuse to buy a forklift. Rumors about a San Francisco location that is in the works can neither be confirmed nor denied, but you should look for it in Spring 2009 (at 254 Fillmore Street, San Francisco). When not plotting and scheming, Neal enjoys reading, travel, spending time with his adorable nieces and cozying up with a nice glass of red wine.

Website: Three Twins Ice Cream
Phone: (415) 577-0144

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