How To Promote An RV Resort?

I am promoting an RV resort. They are selling RV sites and want real out of the box marketing ideas. HELP! So far I have:

  • Start a suggestion box for your employees, soliciting innovative marketing ideas. Some of the best and most creative ideas come from people who are involved daily with various aspects of your business. Give a $100 award for ideas used.
  • Free Weekend Getaway to the new Buyers
  • Offer a wine club membership
  • FREE camping equipment or fishing gear for the new Buyers
  • Raffle off a RV site. Sell the raffle tickets


Jay’s Answer: You could focus on people who’ve never RVed. Rent them the RV & the space & the experience. Offer them RV-ing lessons, if they’re interested (how to drive, rent vs. buy vs new/used, etc.).

Focus on a niche – families with young children, wedding parties, office retreats, singles weekends, etc. Now you can focus your efforts on attracting the niche, rather than selling RVing.

A video showing the full-experience of your resort.

A cost-comparison of your resort vs. a hotel.

Offer free wifi, and attract entrepreneurs who want to travel but still be connected to the office.

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