A Name For A Personal Trainer?

I am looking for a Personal Training Business name, which I would then like to use as a web domain name.

I would like to target the corporate market, as that is where I have most of my leads. Older (over 30s) professionals who only have an hour or less a day to exercise. They prefer to avoid gyms, and would like to work either outdoors or at home/studio, away from the gym junkies. Of course I can train anyone else. But I have a database of this type of target market. I can focus on giving the client a complete strength body workout in about 30 minutes. I emphasis clean, correct techniques for the workout, which is where the results are derived from.

The clients I have spoken to don’t want a fluffy name (and of course, neither do I). Just something that is professional, and down to earth. I am located in Melbourne, Australia. In terms of names, I am looking for something inspirational, dynamic, and that says that I will push them beyond their limits without spending too much time exercising.
Some of my original ideas were:

  • Beyond Boundaries Personal Fitness and training (my original preference, but it has been taken)
  • Inner Core
  • Phoenix Fitness
  • Mission: Fitness
  • Body by Mel
  • Dare Fitness
  • Healthy U
  • Forever Fit

However, some of these names have been taken, and I am not too happy with the rest of them. They don’t seem to grab me. I liked these names because they were short and to the point. They conveyed a simply, yet direct message (at least to me). This might sound a tad silly, but I am after a name that I can be proud of.


Jay’s Answer:

The following focus on the corporate demographic:

  • Improved Corporate Strength
  • Stronger Business Minds & Bodies
  • Corporate Muscle
  • Professional Muscle

These are more targeted to the “quick” aspect:

  • Fit In 30 Minutes A Day
  • Fit Quick
  • Private Fitness

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