Why Healthcare Execs Should Use In-State Architects?

I need help writing short ad words or ad title to catch the attention of healthcare executives in my state and to get them thinking about using in-state architects and consultants. Hire state healthcare design firms for less fee, better service, equal knowledge, maintain quality projects, keep money in the state. A win win for everyone.


Jay’s Answer: I’m not sure I agree with all your points. If I’m a CEO responsible for a new building, I’d get a wide variety of input and choose the best candidate/firm for the job. What would make someone “best” primarily would be their design, cost, and experience. If they are in-state (or even in-town), that might give some extra points (from a PR angle).

Instead of telling CEOs to hire in-state, tell the CEOs why your architects are the best nationally for healthcare design. Taken as a group, what projects have they done and at what comparable cost?

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