A Tagline For An iPhone Application?

It is difficult to create iPhone applications as you need to learn the iPhone SDK and a new programming language called Objective-C.

We have created a product called MotherApp (http://motherapp.com/). It is an automated application generator that allows developers to create native mobile applications using HTML instead of Objective-C. It significantly lowers the entry barrier of mobile application development and speed up the development process by at least a factor of 10. We believe this will enable those programmers without mobile expertise to create interesting mobile applications.

Fast: MotherApp dramatically reduces your time-to-market. Once your site follows our HTML specification, MotherApp creates the corresponding client immediately.

Easy: Most people know HTML. Very few people know Objective-C. MotherApp enables people to use what they know to create what they don’t know.

Powerful: Unlike web apps running on the web browser, our native clients are 100% iPhone apps and have access to phone features such as GPS and camera.

Here are some taglines that we have been thinking. Suggestions welcome!
Create iPhone apps without the SDK.
Create iPhone apps without the expertise.
We democratize iPhone development.
We simplify iPhone development.
Open up iPhone development.
Enable web developers to create iPhone app.
Simple solution to iPhone development.
Simple path to iPhone development.
Turn websites into iPhone apps.
Create iPhone apps in HTML.
Let MotherApp create the apps for you.

(Aside: using X/HTML still requires a certain level of skill set for your users, but not as high as Objective-C. If you really want to lower the bar to entry, consider a graphic front end to the whole process – so the user can be anyone who can use a WSYIWYG system that you create. That’ll make it possible for non-programmers to create iPhone Applets).


Jay’s Answer: The obstacle that you may have in your tagline is that people may not know what they need to create an iPhone app. They may assume it’s techno-heavy or may not. Many of your suggested taglines are talking about difficulty/expertise required.

As your software is currently packaged, you’re offering a way for web designers (or others who are already HTML-savvy) to write a web app. Your “Create iPhone apps in HTML” states this, but doesn’t answer the question “…but is that good?”.

For example: Create iPhone Apps In A Day, speaks to the benefit they get (speed of development).

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