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It used to be that only big companies could afford to create a marketing message that was highly visible: newspaper ads, direct mail, television, radio, skywriting, sponsorships, etc. But modern technology allows people to create one-offs inexpensively: email blasts, your own ink-jet printer, local digital printing, or even personal 3D fabricators.

These modern fabrications allow you to more easily create guerrilla marketing messages – putting your message in places people would not have previously considered. Initially, this will be fun and innovative. And as more businesses copy the idea, it’ll become annoying unless the message is well-targeted to the proper audience.

If no one else is doing this in your business niche, lead. If others are doing it, do not simply copy their idea. Do something remarkable. For example, donate to a sponsored charity for everyone that comments on your marketing message. Or, if everyone else is filling banners with lots of words, put up a blank banner with a small message (“Talk is cheap. Watch my actions.”).


  • Neil Gershenfeld described this phenomenon in a 2006 TED Talk.
  • has a wide variety of products you can customize for do-it-yourself-ers.
  • If you need a recommendation for professionals who can help create high-quality custom products at an affordable price, contact me.

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  1. Hey you are so right! I had tennis shoes, hats, T-Shirts w/ my Re/Max logo and name plus contact info on them and I got business in grocery lines at the bank and at schools, etc.

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