Tagline for a Green Business Network?

Here in Eugene, Oregon we’re starting a green business network: GreenLane. We need a tagline, and our various members have not come up with anything yet. Can you help?

We want to attract businesses who are either already making strides towards sustainability, or would like to move this direction. They would care about our network because there is nothing like this in Eugene, even though Oregon prides itself in being “green.” They would also care because we will market ourselves accordingly, to attract more business. Because they need help knowing how to become more sustainable, and we will offer resources to that end. Because they want to network with other green businesses to pass business, collaborate, and encourage one another. Because Lane County (which is where Eugene resides), and Oregon in general, will be working towards building greentech clusters that bring more and more business into the area, encourage sustainability, etc.
There are no other such networks in this area. The goal-to bring more business to ourselves and each other and to build sustainability in our region.


Jay’s Answer: Try these on for size:

  • Better Choices For Your Home
  • Not Just A Business. A Green Business.
  • Excellence Assured. Naturally.
  • Businesses Aligned With Your Values.
  • Green Business. Not Just An Idea. Our Core Value.

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