How To Reach C-Level Execs For IT Solutions?

We market a comprehensive IT outsourcing solution and as such am looking for a way to reach C-level execs. The rub is that in many instances the C-level people have little familiarity and thus a low comfort-level in making IT decisions.

We’ve had near zero success in targeting IT folks – as we apparently threaten their ego and even their jobs – and nearly every attempt ends in their sabotaging our efforts.

We’re working on focusing on our clients, trade shows and SEO. But in addition I’d like to focus on direct targeting through direct mail possibly as well as partnerships with other vendors who target the same market.

Any suggestions on how to go about this or alternatives would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: Based on looking at your website (, your key benefit is saving money in IT expenditures. If so, your target market would be CFOs and/or comptroller. These people don’t care about the specific IT issues, they care about the bottom line and want to ensure that spending less doesn’t equal getting less. For these people, they need well-written case studies. One of your case studies that I looked at (Wexler Surgical Supplies) describes what you did, but not concrete ROI results. How big was the company (both in # of employees and annual revenue)? What were their expenditures before/after? What were their short- and long-term results?

You’re right you don’t want to target IT directly, since you’re threatening their jobs.

Don’t forget that you can also target government organizations, since their budgets are always stretched thin and their needs are similar to Fortune-500 companies.

Your existing website needs some updating of copy to be more professional and better target your market as well.

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