Name my English Teaching Center

I’m thinking of putting up a small English center here in the Philippines. The English center is owned by a Korean, I have been hired to do some changes, since the mushrooming of competitors extremely affected his business. I want to focus on being known as a center for teens and adults wanting to take either IELTS,or TOEFL/TOEIC. Our building location is a good one, it’s across a recreation center.. so it’s very crucial that I market it the right way. There are already existing clients, so it’s really up me whether they would continue or change schools because of the new program.


Jay’s Answer: As you probably already know, to market something the right way means that you’re providing the right solution, to their crucial problem, at a price that’s less than solving the problem is worth it to them. It’s more than words – it’s a full strategy.

Based on the information you provided, here are some name ideas to play with:

  • English Spoken Here
  • English Language Academy
  • English Certification Center

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