How To Promote My New Online Outlet Store?

We are setting up an outlet store on our website, We currently have a store already set-up, but we have decided to set-up a second store on the site that offers volume discounts, buy-in-bulk, free products, etc. It’s our way of helping our visitors during the tough economy. Where we need assistance:

  1. Do you have suggestions on how to promote this store without taking away from our existing e-commerce sales?
  2. Are there any other products you can suggest for us to add to the store?


Jay’s Answer: I think you’re going about this backwards. Why not combine the two stores into one, and offer a category of “specials” or “closeouts” for many of your outlet items (or offer product suggestions based on price range)? Right now, people shopping one store won’t see the other offerings, and since you’re targeting the same people, you have the potential for missed sales.

2 thoughts on “How To Promote My New Online Outlet Store?

  1. Are any other merchandise I can add to my store ( to boost sells, perhaps a few good places I can promote my web store site.

  2. Sharon – you can’t simply have a store that sells “stuff” and hope that someone wants something that you have. Since the products you’re selling are commodities (you can buy the same products elsewhere), you need to focus on the key question “Why should I buy things from you?”. Price may be important, but perhaps you know more about the products you sell than almost anyone else on earth. Or, you give a double-your-money-back guarantee, because you know what you sell is “that good”. To sell (more), you need to focus (more).

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