How Can I Promote Our Web Conferencing Services?

We have the best solution for web conferencing: robust, simple and economic. What is the best way to promote it to non-using clients? We already have 30 days free trial for the full version and free trial for 3 person web conferences.


Jay’s Answer: You have two potential groups: people that use a competitor’s product (but are unsatisfied) or people that haven’t used a web conferencing product (because of techno-fears).

It’s easy to find the first group: they’re already searching for web conferencing products online. The second group is harder: they may be using teleconferencing products (for simplicity’s sake) or only face-to-face meetings.

The problem is that you want results fast. Neither of these groups is likely to come in droves quickly for your product, because few clients need to regularly web conference. The “regulars” have found a solution that is acceptable (if yours is much better than the competition, and you can prove it, then that’s your USP). The “occasionals” may need education to teach them WHY online meetings are much better than face-to-face, and how to make money doing online meetings. This takes time, though.

Your best bet is to start networking with businesses in your community to find those that do frequent meetings, and build testimonials. Alternatively, create an affiliate program to encourage others to help you sell the services.

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