A Welcome Package That’s Not a Bribe?

I have been asked by the owner of our company to create a welcome package for our new clients, and the employees in their shipping depart. We build all custom new wood pallets and shipping crates. Our initial marketing has had an awesome response. He would like once they are on board to receive a “thank you” just as memorable, that “I can’t believe they did this for us “and that they feel they made the right choice about choosing our company for the shipping needs. Most shipping departments are happy with the traditional pizza and pop. The problem I’m running into is some of our much larger new clients company’s do not allow this kind of gratuities. I am looking for some creative ways around this so as not to break any of their company policies and still let them know how much we appreciate their business, and something more creative for our new contact person within their company, different than the traditional gift basket.


Jay’s Answer: Why not send a thank you note, with an signed image of everyone in your company? That lets the other company know there are people crafting the pallets and not machines.

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