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Holly Stiel is a trailblazing service philosopher who innovated a method of training based on her 17 years as a world-class concierge. Her clients include: Disney, Nordstrom, AVEDA, American Express, and has been the spokesperson for The Visa Signature card. Stiels 30 years of service experience have been parlayed into three books and three award-winning instructional DVDs. With a team of producers she has custom-designed the corporate service training programs for Hilton and Hyatt hotels worldwide. With her business partners at Talent Mondial she brings an international focus on delivering service as smooth as SILK.



Phone: (707) 884-4278

Author of:

  • Ultimate Service
  • Neon Signs of Service
  • Wisdom of the Wizard
  • Neon Signs of Service (DVD)
  • High Road of Service (DVD)
  • Concierge Express (DVD)

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8 thoughts on “Business With Passion: Holly Stiel

  1. Hi Holly
    Fantastic, most inpsiring!
    This is the Wow I need as I embark into a new chapter in my career.
    Thank You Very Much…
    Bug Hug…Jerry Soh (Singapore)

  2. Excellent from the heart passion delivered with silky professionalism. Highly Recommended that any business in the customer service biz calls Holly and hires her to inspire their teams!

  3. It is an honor and privilege to call Holly my friend. She has a spirit and passion for life that is insatiable. I loved watching this and learning more about her personal and professional journey.

  4. It is with GREAT excitment that I sign this, for at the beginning of my Concierge Career, I had the amazing chance to take a seminar from Holly on the Art of Service. That day really changed how I looked at my job, performed my job and inspired others to do thier job. My hat is off to you and I feel very lucky that I have been able to build a friendship with you over the last 23 years!!!!!!!!!

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