Monthly Marketing Strategy For Retail Ladies Store?

I need a monthly (or bi-monthly) marketing plan for upscale ladies boutique (in the south) during this slow economic time. Right now, we are keeping our heads above water, but I want to replace my usual fashion show/luncheons with events that are more effective in bringing customers into my store during these days of slower financial times….perhaps highlighting breast cancer awareness in some way in October and bringing in a coupon card for a % off during a slow month…I want to be sensitive to the harder economy and yet keep my store alive.


Jay’s Answer: Bring in local speakers who can talk about a range of topics that would be interesting to your clientele: improving your business appearance, better body language, dating tips, how to balance career/family, PR tricks, etc. Unless you know what problems your clientele are having, you’ll have to guess about the topics (or take a poll). The point is to get people to keep physically coming into your store – and each time they do, there’s a no main display that inspires them.

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