First Time Selling Clothing In Booth

Hi, we are a small clothing label setting up a stand at a clothing event for the first time, how can we stand out other than just displaying the clothes?


Jay’s Answer: Don’t think that your primary goal is to sell your clothing. It’s to start finding out what people are looking for, how your clothing compares to others, and what would make the casual shopper into a raving fan. Also, if you have a story to tell about your clothing (how a <specific demographic> are HUGE fans, or how your clothing helps disadvantaged youth, or how you’ve been designing clothing for years for other labels, etc.), tell it. People may not remember the clothing you’re showing, but they will remember a remarkable story, and share it with others.

Also, make sure you at least have a simple website so people can continue to look at your clothing post-show (or for their friends to see, etc.).

One thought on “First Time Selling Clothing In Booth

  1. Jay’s said the correct answer. What people are looking for clothes. How your clothing compare to others. You have to explain your clothing and its advantages,quality, price.
    Buyers may look for these terms. Good luck.

    Thank you so much.


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