Eco-Friendly Event Planning Business Tagline?

I am starting up my own event/wedding planning business. I would like the tagline to reflect the fact that I have the resources to create eco-friendly events but at the same time not draw any non-eco clients away. The name of the business is Mulberry Events.


Jay’s Answer: You’re trying to do too much in too little space. Let me explain.

First, wedding planning isn’t the same as event planning from a client’s perspective (from your perspective, an event is an event…). When I think of event planning, I think more corporate events than a simple party. A business client has different needs than a bride/groom.

Secondly, either you specialize in eco-friendly events or you don’t. While eco-friendly is a concern for many people, it’s not a primary benefit they care about. They want a great party. Great food. Great music. No headaches. At a great price. Oh, and it’s eco-friendly? Bonus points. It may well be the niche you go after to differentiate yourself from the other planners. The problem you may have is in perception: If the event is eco-friendly, is it less fun? Less tasty food? Less spectacular?

Here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking:

  • Specializing in Earth-Friendly Wows
  • Spectacular Event Planning From The Ground Up

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