Name My Gift Basket Business!

I am starting a gift basket business and I need assistance in creating a unique name and tagline.  I am currently working on my business plan.

What makes this gift basket business different?
My business will give consumers the opportunity to build their own gift baskets a la carte.  I would love for the name and tagline to convey that these gift baskets are custom-made to reflect the recipient’s personality. The gift baskets are made-to-order, not pre-assembled and stored. You pick the ingredients; we’ll put them together.  In addition, a special handwritten note will be included to tell the recipient about their one-of-a-kind gift basket.  For buyers who don’t have the time to create a special basket, they will also have the option to purchase standard baskets and add items, if they choose.

Target Audience
Initially, I will start selling to individuals and progress to selling to corporations also. The individuals are people who are looking to give a friend, relative, colleague, etc., a gift basket for a special occasion or just because. There will be several diverse themes available.

Business Location
The business will be located in New York, servicing the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. Future plans to expand nationally.


Jay’s Answer:

Here are some naming ideas:

  • Gift Baskets a La Carte
  • Unique NY Gift Baskets
  • Oh, Goody!

Tagline ideas:

  • Memorable Gifts For Every Occasion
  • Baskets With A Personality

1 thought on “Name My Gift Basket Business!

  1. Congratulations on the gift basket startup!

    When choosing names –

    1) Let people know basically what it is that you do through your name (include the words ‘gift basket’). But don’t let it limit your future growth by having a name that is too specific (concerning product types, market, region or owners name) and not flexible – you may need to change direction in the future so an abstract name can be better.

    2) Originality – distinguish your business from others. Check with your city that your selection doesn’t infringe on the trademarks of other businesses. Check for suitable domain names too.

    3) Memorable, practical (fits well on a business card) and easy to pronounce.

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