Should I Rename My IT Business?

I am running a small business in the IT field in India. The concept is “technology, outsourcing and consulting”. I will deal in computers, networking, infrastructure maintenance services, web services, softwares sales, software development, etc. The name of my organisation is”Virtual Enterprises”. I want to rename and give a tagline also. Kindly suggest something.


Jay’s Answer: There are only a few reasons you should rename your business: it has a bad reputation or you think it’ll somehow attract more customers. The problem with renaming is that those who you’ve already educated about your business will have to be re-educated. So I advise you to think carefully about your desired change.

It sounds like you’re mostly doing software work (“networking” could mean physical connections or software connections). But you haven’t specified who your target market is. And that’s the key. Your name/tagline isn’t about what you do – it’s more about what your customers need. While you could try to be a “do everythin” for “everyone” business, you’ll probably find that no one thinks you can help them with their problem. People seek out specialists who understand their needs. While what you do isn’t industry/target market specific, your target market is looking for validation that you know what their problems are.

Without a clear statement of WHO you’re targeted and WHAT problem you solve uniquely for your market I’m afraid I’ll simply give you something generic and therefore no better than what you have.

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