Business With Passion: Bioneers 2009

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The Bioneers Conference presents the latest news in social justice, health care, environmental issues, and women’s leadership. The 20th anniversary conference episode includes interviews with: Nina Simons & Kenny Ausubel, Akaya Windwood, Jay Harris, Kami McBride, Lily Yeh, Liz Cunningham, Sarah Crowell, Shannon Biggs, and more.

Address: 1607 Paseo De Peralta #3, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: (877) BIONEERS

Selected Interviews Of Presenters

Shannon Biggs is the director of the Local Green Economy Program at Global Exchange. Shannon also teaches rights-based organizing at weekend-long Democracy Schools, developed by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in 23 states around the country, and speaks across the nation on the power of grassroots activism to create systemic change.

Sarah Crowell is currently the program development director at Destiny Arts Center, has been with that vital organization for eighteen years, first as the performing arts director and artistic director of its youth performance company, then as executive director, and now has returned to programming and artistic direction.

Liz Cunningham is the Bioneers’ Youth & Conference Project Manager.

Jay Harris is the publisher of the San Francisco-based, award-winning, muckraking investigative magazine, Mother Jones, and president of its non-profit parent, the Foundation for National Progress.

Kami McBride is a teacher of herbalism at Living Awareness Institute who has helped thousands of people learn to use herbal medicines in their daily lives in ways that are healthy, safe and fun. Her mission is to help revive the art of home herbal care, creating self-reliance, sustainable wellness practices and revitalizing our relationship with the plant world.

Akaya Windwood is an executive leadership coach and organization development consultant who has spent 40 years working for social justice, is president of Rockwood Leadership Institute, which provides individuals, organizations and networks in the social benefit sector with powerful and effective training in leadership and collaboration.

Lily Yeh is an internationally celebrated artist whose work has taken her to communities throughout the world. She founded Barefoot Artists, Inc. to bring the transformative power of art to impoverished communities around the globe through participatory, multifaceted projects that foster community empowerment, improve the physical environment, promote economic development, and preserve indigenous art and culture.

Selected Interviews Of Exhibitors

Inka Biospheric Systems (Paul Giacomantonio)

Pou Kapua (Tania Haerekitera Wolfgramm & Wikuki Kingi, QSM)

Solar Living Institute (Orion Walker)

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