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I’m an MBA student from Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management, India (IISWBM). I also represent the Students Marketing division from our Institute.We are planning to make some renovations, in marketing our institute. Ours is the premier most B-School in India. the tag line in use at present is “India’s first B-school Since 1953” – which seem to be a little bit old and worn out. We are thinking to replace it with some catchy phrase which must also include the heritage of our Institute.


Jay’s Answer: The form of tagline (“…since 1953…”) is a good one when you need to build trust in your organization. But that’s not quite your goal – it’s to increase the desirability of your school while underscoring your heritage.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Great Businesses Start Here
  • We Train Tomorrow’s Business Leaders
  • Learn From The Best Business Minds

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