How To Talk PR At Networking Business Breakfast

I have been asked to speak at a business networking group that meets for breakfast (small to large business) and someone gives a presentation. I have been asked to talk to them about what PR can do for their business – I’d like to make it a bit different rather than the usual I do which is things like, identify stories, what kind of stories, work alongside target journalists etc…any good ideas for presenting in a fun yet fresh way. I’m keen but not that experienced in it! So far it’s been PowerPoint and talking. It’s only for 10 minutes.


Jay’s Answer: If you think well on your feet, go around the room (or just pick a group of people) and ask what each person’s business is and offer ideas for boosting their PR. People will see how you think, get ideas for their business (even if it’s quite different from those that you helped), and understand the bigger picture of PR.

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