A Premium-Level Sponsored Customer Event

Our company holds a yearly customer appreciation event and we ask our vendors to help sponsor. This year, we are holding two events – one in each of our market areas. With the economy being what it is, I need a compelling reason for our vendors to sponsor these events. What can I offer that would provide the highest value to each sponsorship level?

Typically I offer 3 different levels ($1500, $2500, and $5000) and each level gets certain things. Each level gets their logo on the signage, introduction during welcome announcement, and logo/link/description on follow up email….along with the ability to network with our top customers.

What else can I offer that would make our vendors want to go for the highest sponsorship level? Right now the only differentiation is that they will receive a list of attendees.


Jay’s Answer: What you really want is a long-term relationship with your sponsors, not just a one-time payoff (and your sponsors would likewise want a longer term opportunity to talk with your customers).

Therefore, how about:
…a rental of your customer database?
…a VIP reception?
…an article written by your sponsor in your eNewsletter (on a regular basis?)
…an opportunity to develop customized solutions for your customers in concert with your company?

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