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We recently launched a redesigned website. My company (supremeschoolsupply.com) supplies printed forms, lesson plan books, receipt books, and related items to schools.

I am seeing a greatly improved traffic flow and also better SEO than my old site, with lots of new visitors. We are averaging about 10 page views per visitor, and my order conversion rate is much higher than national averages for actual orders placed on the site compared to site visits.

We have very little traffic to the About section of our website relative to the rest of the pages on the website, with only about 1% or less of our site visitors viewing pages in the About Us section.  Any thoughts on the About section or how to improve? I am wondering if I need to restructure those pages, or just minimize them and enjoy my excellent order conversion rates.


Jay’s Answer: People don’t really care about your company – they care for what your company can do for them. Having an About section is enough for people to know that they can find out more about you, should they want to. But most people are searching out products, and apparently finding them easily.

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