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We are a registered charity in the UK working to support people with Rett Syndrome and their families/carers. This year we are launching our 25th Anniversary Appeal for which I’d like to include an appropriate tag line.

Rett syndrome is a rare neurological disorder affecting mainly females and very few males. People with Rett syndrome have profound and multiple physical and learning disabilities and are totally reliant on others for support throughout their lives. Rett syndrome is the most common genetic cause of severe disability in females.
We offer support in the following ways: emotional support at the time of diagnosis, advocacy to access services, emotional support and a listening ear, information to parents, carers and professionals, liaison with professionals, linking families with each other, transitions support from children’s to adult services, contact network support, and training for professionals caring for people with Rett syndrome.

We are the only national charity in UK offering this level of support. We also fund research in association with leading medical professionals in this field. Our website (although is not completely finished yet) is www.rettsyndrome.org.uk


Jay’s Answer: Thanks for the detailed information. Here are some taglines that may be appropriate:

  • 25 Years Of Family Support
  • Easing Burdens. Spreading Awareness. Supporting Community.
  • More Than Hope. A Better Future.

One thought on “Tagline for Rett Syndrome Non-Profit

  1. In honor of my mentor’s daughter, I founded a non-profit, the Erika Van Giesen Foundation, in which I host an annual gala called Erika’s Dream in Napa Valley, CA…I’m working to raise money to fine a cure for RETT Syndrome and we opened Katie’s Clinic at Children’s Hospital Oakland 5 years ago serving girls affected with RETT Syndrome. So I understand the support you are looking for! Not my career, but certainly a job in itself…how about “Hands of Hope” or “Healing Hands” – this just came to mind being that I know the symptoms and all that is affected. Congratulations on all the wonderful work that you do.

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