A Great Business Name For Importing?

Hi Jay, I am at the very beginning of putting into action one of my ‘bright ideas’ , that being importing fabrics, trims, etc to make lampshades, table runners, and the list goes on. I also create art and craft ware for the home. All of this i want to sell, but getting started means having a great business name, this is where i have been going blank!! Because i do quite a varied amount of things i don’t want a name that will limit me to one product, as eventually i would like to import furniture also among other things. Basically, i love home products and i love being at home and working from home. I know this is a big ask, hope you can help. Elena


Jay’s Answer: Here’s the quandary you’re in: you’re looking for a name that works for the range of offerings today AND for something that’s generic enough to work in the future.

A few ideas for you to consider:

  • From Elena With Love
  • The Home Import Store
  • The Import Shop

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