Name My Shoe Auction Site!

I am starting an auction site for shoes only (think Ebay for shoes). It is an unusually long name for a website but it works for my purposes. Need a tagline that grabs attention, is snappy, and makes sense even without the website name as a stem.
I have brainstormed several – but none is quite right…

Here is what I have in the order from what I like most to least to give you a sense. The first two are the ones I like best but I am concerned that some people will see the first one as “demonic” may sound silly, but I some people may feel that way. I like the second one, but it is long, and the website name is long – I am concerned about a long website and a long tagline.

  • Sell your soles
  • Going Once, Going Twice….SOLED!
  • finding new homes for lost (unwanted) soles
  • Step Into A New Pair of Shoes


Jay’s Answer:

  • We’re a Shoe-In For Best Selection
  • One, Two Buckle New Shoes
  • Where The Feet Have It!
  • Put Your Best Shoe Forward
  • …Find A Better Pair

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