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Hi, I have been fighting the fitness battle my whole life. In high school and college I was too skinny, then I started my own business and found little time to train. I have solved both problems, going from a skinny 150 lbs to a lean and muscular 178 lbs while shortening my workouts to fit my increasingly busy schedule. I needed balance in my life, fitness gave me that and I want to share my solutions with others facing the same problems. I want to help other young business professionals win the same battles without making the same mistakes I did in the form of a free blog site.

How do I get this message across on my site?

I need an effective title and subtitle as well as an effective page layout but am struggling with both.
Here is my site, read ‘my story’ for more info. I have a boxing background which I’d like to incorporate into the site ( as well. Any ideas will help! Thanks


Jay’s Answer: Focus on your copy first. Tell personal stories of how your body image affected your worldview and how improving your body improved your life. Ask others to share their stories.

Don’t think of trying to establish yourself as an authority figure yet. You have your own experiences, but unless you’ve helped hundreds (or thousands) of others improve their bodies and life, you can’t claim the title (and you’d rather have others hand the title to you).

As for traffic, that’s another issue entirely. Copy will keep ’em, but you need people to read your copy. Write your articles/stories, but try to be a guest blogger in places your target audience visits. Also be clear who you’re targeting – the whole world or just the area you live in (are you trying to get clients or noticed?).

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