Help Me Design My First Postcard Mailing

I am a new business who is on a tight budget. I am considering postcards as a cost friendly way for me to start marketing. I create cakes made from towels, diapers and other cloth items and decorate them with things that the receiver can use. This is very much like a gift basket. I am trying to target new business and have no idea what type of wording to put on my postcard to grab peoples attention. These gifts can be given for any occasion, but are especially beautiful for baby and bridal showers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: The problem with a single postcard mailing is that the recipients are unlikely to suddenly think, “That’s just the gift I’m looking for!” Since you’re offering something best tied in to certain life events, target the organizations that people go to first: baby stores, party stores, florists, etc. Work with your local organizations to start with. If you don’t already have a website, create one. That’ll help people looking for these gifts as well.

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