Building A Contact List From My Website

Is there a good way to use my website to start creating a contact database for b2b relations? I heard that If I can get the targets to my website and have them sign up for some type of information I can then get there information and use it as a target prospect. Is this true?


Jay’s Answer: Yes. It’s sort of a chicken-and-egg problem. You build a contact list because people have opted in to your communications. They opt-in because they believe you have information that they want.

But first, you need to get them to your website, which means that somehow your target audience needs to find you when they start looking for you. So you also need to invest in bringing (anonymous) people to your website, to entice them with your offering, and want them to continue talking with them.

Also – studies show that the more information you ask of people to opt-in, the lower the sign-up rate. So, only ask for information that you absolutely need to have to begin the dialog. Once you’ve show your true worth, they’ll share more of themselves with you.

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