Name For Auto Buying Service Started By Pilot

The owner is a current Airline Pilot and he saves clients money in a hassle-free purchase process. The integrity of the pricing structure is flat-fee plus the auction price of the vehicle.
The customers of the service are primarily composed of three groups:

  1. Families that are dropping debt and new to strong cash/flow management and budgeting – Houston, Texas area.
  2. Airline Pilots.
  3. Friends and Family of the owner – Southeast USA

Current customers are driving a financed vehicle generally from a new car auto dealer/showroom. Most have never used this format of service but understand the potential savings of purchasing a vehicle from a commercial auto auction + service fee. Anticipate the average vehicle purchase price around $4000-$6000 but will fluctuate with the customer requests.

Small display ads in industry publications for pilots and might test radio for the 2nd group of ‘Budget Buyers.’ Internet Site and Programming focused for each group.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Top Flight Car Buyers
  • Ace Car Buyers
  • Captain Jim’s Car Buying Service

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