Tenth Anniversary. Need Innovative Ideas!

We are a marketing communications/public relations company celebrating 10 years and would like to have an anniversary celebration. We don’t want to do the same old, same old, but want to offer our clients and potential clients an “experience.” Any ideas on how we can have a celebration that stands apart from the rest?


Jay’s Answer: Your anniversary isn’t really of interest to your clients – your results are. Why should they take their time to attend your party? How will you make the time not just “fun”, but ultimately continue to position yourself as the marketing communications/public relations company with vision/results?

How about taking your party on a private bus, and drive to locations of businesses that are #1 in their field and talk about them (especially if they’re your clients) from the perspective of their message and the top things your party-goers can learn about what they do right. End by taking the bus to a fun venue to allow them to relax, but also talk about the experience.

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