Create A Business With Passion

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Episode theme: Inspiring the students and alumni of Dominican University (San Rafael, CA) to create a business with passion.

Jay Hamilton-Roth (Producer, Business With Passion) is a marketing strategist who helps small businesses brainstorm, design, and implement effective marketing plans that connect their business with their passions.

Phone: (415) 389-8920

Holly Stiel is a trailblazing service philosopher who innovated a method of training based on her 17 years as a world-class concierge. Her clients include: Disney, Nordstrom, AVEDA, American Express, and has been the spokesperson for The Visa Signature card. Stiel’s 30+ years of service experience have been parlayed into four  books and three award-winning instructional DVDs.

Phone: (707) 884-4278

Bruce Burtch is a nationally-recognized cause marketing catalyst. He helps for-profit and nonprofit organizations develop win-win partnerships which maximize their strategic marketing and fund development. He designed and directed the most successful cause marketing program on emergency preparedness in the country through a partnership between the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the American Red Cross, resulting in 1,000,000 people being trained in emergency preparedness.

Phone: (415) 454-0839

Neal Gottlieb started Three Twins Ice Cream in 2005 with $75,000 in lieu of returning to business school. The company started with one small shop in a tucked away San Rafael, California shopping center that Neal manned himself, without the luxury of any employees for the first few months. The company has grown rapidly from its humble beginning and now includes 3 stores, a farmers’ market business, and a dedicated organic ice cream factory in downtown Petaluma.

Website: Three Twins Ice Cream
Phone: (415) 577-0144

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