Name For Massage Therapy Business

We will combine the elegance of a spa with the therapeutic effectiveness of an injury clinic making our business the perfect option for those that live healthy and stay active.

Many of our treatments will have fun names (‘the weekend warrior’) though we still want to convey an image that treatments are beneficial and only a few are simply for relaxation.

The clinic will be located in the heart of the city of approximately 800,000 -we will have a storefront in located in a high traffic area.

We estimate our largest target market will comprise 60% women, between the age of 20-50.

When all said and done we would like our name/image to be recognized as having an innovated spa/clinic concept. Were not going to have a meditative theme like many spas or the feel of many doctors offices. We want to attract those that live healthy and stay active.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Mobility: A Massage Clinic
  • Pain Vacation: Therapeutic Massage Clinic
  • Rejuv: Therapeutic Massage Spa

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