How To Increase The Footfall In A Seminar

I am from a Stock Market Trading company. I am planning to launch our new service related product whereby, people who become our member will be getting some incentive based income. And this product launch I am planning is through a seminar where I can get people who are really interested to listen and decide. Please suggest on how to increase the footfall in a seminar apart from the activities like advertisement, Radio, SMS, Emails, Telecalling, Road side Banners, etc. through which I can get the maximum people attending this event. I am conducting in a Urban & Semi-Urban city of Gujarat, India.


Jay’s Answer: Focus on bringing in a small, well-connected group of individuals with the goal of generating word-of-mouth. Likewise, create social media (i.e., Facebook) groups to facilitate people to find you and spread interest of your seminar/product.

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