Atlanta Boutique Name Suggestions

I will be opening up a Boutique soon, and I need some suggestions/ideas on names… It would be good to have one that could be branded. It will be based in Metro Atlanta, It will carry women’s clothing, a small selection for men, gifts, art, unique items and gifts, hats, purses, shoes, accessories, jewellery, 30+ , From clothing that’s dressy casual, to grown and sexy, cute and chic to a special night out warm inviting atmosphere. I liked the butterfly boutique, and could see a very fancy B merged with half of a very fancy butterfly, with the butterfly having a very sexy eye with cute long lashes in the middle of it… ( I saw an artist draw a similar butterfly and it was awesome.). So I liked “Butterfly Boutique” …But many have this name. Then I thought “B’s Butterfly Boutique” ( since B is my moms nickname ). I liked “Plush” but that was taken as well… As well as ” The Red Door ” But its taken as well… I would like something that can stand the test of time, be a good brand name and appeal to the majority no matter age/race/etc…


Jay’s Answer: Instead of “Butterfly Boutique”, why not pick a type of butterfly and add boutique to the name, such as: “Swallowtail” or “Xerces Blue” or “Painted Lady”?

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