Painting Business Changing Directions

I have a painting business, prime painting..focused more on high end customers right now..would like to get into commercial n public works as well..haven’t set up website yet..would like some help in expanding business and would like some ideas on a tagline. I work with builders and homeowners with vacation homes and 2nd homes..


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds like you need to create a strategy to attract more/different clients. Before you do so, you need to do a couple of things:

  • Investigate your competition. Who are they? How do they attract clients? What is their pricing model?
  • Understand your clients. You understand high end customers, but not the needs of commercial / public works. Where are they located? How often do they hire? How do they choose a contractor? What problems do they continually face in hiring people?

That’ll help you understand “the lay of the land”. Next, you need to determine how you are better/different from your competition and what you can offer that your competition doesn’t/can’t (and that your clients need or would pay for).

With this understanding, you can begin to create a marketing plan to focus on your new customers. This will include: advertisements, website, business cards, licensing, taglines, etc.

The clearer you are in who exactly you’re targeting and how you’re unique, the easier you’ll be able to spread your marketing message.

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