Looking For A New Company Tagline

Our company Bartizan has been in the data collection business since its founding in 1970. Every year tens of thousands of exhibitors and millions of show attendees interact using our hardware and software.

Recently, we have shifted our business away from hardware based to being information based. Meaning, we used to sell equipment that facilitated the exchange of contact info at tradeshows, now we are essentially selling just information. Our new lead retreival product. iLeads works on exhibitors own smartphones, so they pay show management a data access fee as opposed to paying a lead retrieval equipment rental fee.

Hope you can help, and thank you very much in advance! We’d love a fresh tagline that celebrates our new focus of being in the information business and away from equipment rentals.


Jay’s Answer:

  • (More) Leads At Your Fingertips
  • Get Leads Wherever You Are
  • The Hub Of Business Lead Distribution


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