My Cleaning Business Needs a Tagline

 I hope you could help me out with a tagline for my cleaning business.  I want to attract both residential and commercial cleaning, but not able to come up with something suitable, even though I been working for a while on this ( this is what I have so far: “Reliable Cleaning. Affordable Solutions”).  I think the first part is good, but the second one is not sitting well with me, I don’t really like the word solutions, and I think the word affordable makes it sound somewhat cheezy and may send the wrong message.  We do quality cleaning and offer good rates, but lately I noticed that people who want to pay the cheapest, most of the time actually
appreciate us the least, so I want to stay away from that.  What could work good for the second part that would describe good results or satisfaction, or something in that line and go well with the first part.  Thank you so much for your time and help!!!


Jay’s Answer:   The key question you want your tagline to answer is: “Why should I hire you?”. If you’re in the cleaning business, it’s assumed you’re reliable. It’s assumed you’re trustworthy. It’s assumed you have an eye for detail. These are all “givens”. But what makes your business different/special from all the other cleaning businesses in your area? That’s what you want to showcase, otherwise your tagline will be quite generic and therefore won’t help you achieve your marketing goals.

Also – if you have the word “cleaning” in your business name – why repeat it?

So, even though you like “Reliable Cleaning”, I strongly suggest some different approaches to make your business stand out.

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