How To Promote My Salon & Spa?

I want to know know good SPA AND SALON packages for seasonal promotion for my salon and spa through which i can build good sale of my salon and spa.


Jay’s Answer: There is no such thing as an ideal promotion package that will work for every spa/salon business. That’s because the ideal package needs to address YOUR target audience’s needs and be compatible with your business positioning. For example, let’s say you operate a very high end spa/salon in a high-rent/exclusive district for VIPs. You wouldn’t want to offer a discounted price, since that would cheapen your exclusive image. Instead, you might offer a special service from a world-class traveling expert. Likewise, if your spa/salon is for the average person in an average location, a discounted price might make sense, or a bundled package (bring a friend for a discount), etc.

If you’ve been in business awhile, you probably already understand why you clients come to your salon. Your job is to figure out how to entice more clients like these to come in using your promotions.

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