New Name For Gift Basket Business

I’m having difficulty finding the right name for my gift basket business.  It will be gift baskets that will all have some sort of organic tea in each of them.  They will include as much organic, reusable, or recycled materials as possible.  I want something with the word tea in it some how as well as something to include gifts.  I will be targeting the middle to upper class including business to business sales such as real tors, corporations, and insurance companies.  I’d like something that is classy and sophisticated, but still has a fun twist to it. Some of my ideas have been; Serenitea Gifts, Grateatude Gifts, Unitea Gift Baskets, or Tranquitiea Gifts.  Any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer:  While you’re focused on the “organic tea in every basket” name, your prospective customers aren’t primarily thinking “Gee, I wonder where I can find a gift basket that includes tea or is full of organic materials”. They are thinking, “I don’t have time to find a gift, and want something unique, affordable, that matches both my sensibilities and that of the person I’m trying to gift”. Your name should align with that goal, rather than “tea” (unless you’re planning to market only to tea lovers and their friends).

So instead of trying to shoe-horn your name into something cute (and perhaps hard to spell/remember), think about the primary need. If you want to set it apart from the other gift basket companies, add another “fun” word. For example:

  • Turquoise Basket Gifts
  • Thanks For The Gift Basket!
  • Pekoe Gift Baskets


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