Tagline For Mobile Phone Company

I developed a website with which we can buy minutes for mobile phone & for paying bills online…in return I am offering free sale coupons which can be used at subway, McD etc..please suggest me a good & attractive tagline for my website . my primary target is to teen-agers,especially youth(aged between 17-25). When a customer comes and buys minutes or credit for his/her mobile,i will give free coupons worth 5$,10$ etc..which can be used at stores with which i link up (ex:- mcd, kfc, pizza hut,subway etc). And my domain name is “cellbook”. so,i need an attractive tagline for my website..which should be very attractive..


Jay’s Answer:

  • Buy Minutes And Save Money
  • Get More For With Minutes
  • Take a Bite Out Of Your Cellphone Minutes

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