Boost Sales of Exercise Machines

We have manufactured over 5700 of our exactly 4 minute per day exercise machines, but that is in 21 years. Any ideas how to speed the process and get more sales? Recently Special Forces (military) got a few of our maschines. See video of our factory:


Jay’s Answer: The first thing that caught my eye was your website’s appearance. The price point of your product puts it into a “luxury” category, yet your website’s look and feel doesn’t match the positioning of your product. This detracts from the confidence of your message.

Since the product isn’t seen regularly by your prospective customers, you need more social proof that what you’re selling is a “smart investment”. Your testimonials aren’t current. Given the “luxury” positioning, having celebrity endorsements (ideally, unpaid) would amplify your message.

If speed of workout is a major benefit, then it would seem that a gym owning a number of machines could have more clients using the facility without increasing the wait time of the workout. In addition to health clubs, this would point to Navy ships (that have onboard gyms) as likely beneficiaries.

If you want to do something remarkable – buy back the machines from people that don’t want them – and resell them at a discount to others. It shows that you’re not trying to simply make sales, it shows that you’ll be around for the long haul and only want the equipment in the hands of people who love it.

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