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I am starting a virtual assistant business and I need to find a name and tag line. I have been an assistant for several years in a wide-range of industries (finance, legal, consulting management, engineering). I would like to leverage my years of experience to start a virtual business.

My target market would be primarily small business owners and virtual executives in various industries. The focus is to provide assistance with coordinating and managing the administrative aspect of projects, as well as basic administrative/clerical tasks. I will be providing my services on part-time bases.

I am currently considering Elite Administrative Services, Elite Assistance or Administrative Asset for the name, but I would like other options for a name along with a tag line.


Jay’s Answer: Start with a name, rather than a tagline. And when considering your name, think whether your clients will care (or know what it means) if you’re “virtual”. Start with what specialness you bring to your customer’s lives and business. How does managing administrative projects/tasks truly help them? What can you do that they can’t do themselves, or by hiring others to do it? How do you know what you do is the “obvious choice” for them? How can you prove it?

Not every business owner (large or small) wants to delegate to someone outside of their organization. Add to this the fact that they’re unlikely to meet you face-to-face. This sort of relationship is for a special type of person/manager, someone who trusts the process and knows that 24/7 you’re there to solve their problems better than an “in-house” employee or local consultant.

All the names you’re considering are fine, but none of them truly showcase what you can do. Focus on a narrower niche of expertise – specializing in a type of business, a region, a technology, a certification, etc. People who are looking for virtual assistants have a plethora of choices to find them. Think about how to make YOUR business stand out from all the others.

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