Help Me Name My Sardinia Educational Business

After many years as a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer in the UK I am starting a personal development
and continuing education venture in Sardinia (Mediterranean island) which combines learning and vacation and is aimed at English speakers. I am looking for a name which conveys a sense of learning, space and depth and reflects the beauty of the natural surroundings (sea, river, valley, sun, rocky wild nature and ancient culture).

In terms of names, I have come up with hundreds, within three categories – poetic (eg Where the Sky Meets the Sea),
place specific (eg The Sardinia Centre), and vaguely dynamic (eg Ideas in Development). But nothing has as yet seemed right.


Jay’s Answer: The reason that none of these resonate for you is none of these share a benefit of your business with your clientele. The reason people would come is for personal growth with a bonus of a beautiful backdrop/vacation. But ultimately, you’re offering a transformative space for adults to work on their “issues”. Of the names you’ve come up with, “Sardinia Centre” is the closest to the benefit, but the other two are too vague to be useful for marketing’s sake, especially since you’re selling something that’s a bit different from the normal fare.

Here are some names to consider:

  • The Sardinia Experience – combining location + the “process”
  • Your Next Chapter: Sardinia – combining growth + location (with possibility of branding to other locations)

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