Real Estate Team Looking For A Name And Tag Line

I share my real estate practice with another broker and want to brand ourselves. I am Latin with various professional degrees (Architect, BA Business). She is Anglo saxon. We are both 50+, Brokers, hold FRI designation (Fellow of Real Estate Institute), 50+ years combined residential real estate experience. We offer a very professional approach assisting clients in their lifestyle changes associated with their real estate needs. We focus on service and not on a transaction. As our names do not seem to rhyme or go together (Alex Pino & Veronica Lord) we thought having a Latin word to describe what we do, could help. Something like “Integritas”. We also tell our clients they get 2 for the price of 1 as we have different strengths. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: “Very professional approach” and “service, not a transaction” are phrases I often hear from Realtors. It doesn’t make you different. Your racial background isn’t important either. Neither are your various professional degrees. What is important is knowing that you get the best deals for clients quickly and perhaps specializing in a specific niche like no other team (empty nesters or LEED-certified buildings, etc.). For such an important transaction in people’s lives, cute isn’t really appropriate. What truly distinguishes you two from all the other teams in your area?

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