Marketing For Metal Bands

I am in a metal band in Sacramento CA. We have a CD out, and we have some interest in other cities like Reno NV, but we obviously want to go farther. We are on Facebook, and there are a ton of like for like pages that help us get likes, which helps us get our name out there. But we want to do something more than that. Obviously there are ads that we can purchase, but do you have any ideas on how else to get the name out there? We have shirts, and stickers, as well as a full length CD. We have a .com, and we have the facebook page. We have limited money to work with, so I am looking for something that is cheap and effective we can do that will help us get some fans. We are called Steel Savior.


Jay’s Answer:  Improve your videos, to give people an inspired feeling of what it’s like to hear you live. As for getting known, try by doing something different: volunteer for Make-A-Wish performances or in the SF Bay Area Bread & Roses. That’ll help spread your humanity. As for increasing your fan base, empower your fans to help you with more than “likes”. Can you have a private VIP concert for your fans? Or, find someone to play/sing with that’ll stretch you both musically (and increase your audience reach as well)?

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