Help For Starting Up My Design Firm

I have worked as Program Manager (read Client Servicing) before I became a mommy with RMG Connect (JWT). I do not have any formal degree in any creative field but I love designing just about anything (from cards to my hubby & kids to jewellery to logos).  I am now looking at setting up a design firm which can create logos, support with design ideas and also guide in marketing strategies. Please suggest some apt names & do guide me on my own logo design.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’ll be setting up a design firm that’ll help with marketing strategies, what names are evocative of your target audience? Why would they want to purchase from you? How do you know? Likewise, I wouldn’t start on a logo until it’s clear you’ve developed your marketing strategy for the business. Otherwise, you’re creative work won’t be focused on a specific measurable goal.

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